"Fragments" by Crispin Demers

"Fragments" by Crispin Demers
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Publisher: Fultus
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Date Available: 08/09/2004
Pages: 228 (paperback)
Book Dimensions:  6"x9"
Language: English

Does the crooked plastic tree in your tank long for the most beautiful fish? Have you ever walked in the rain? Have you ever wondered why things don't change? What is a snigal and have you ever dreamt? Well, of course, you have. Fragments is a compelling collection of poems by Crispin Demers. With over 220 pages, there's something for everyone. Do you love, hate, dream, sleep, wonder about God, about yourself? Who are you? Why are you? What is beauty and why do we work? How does one exist? These are just some of the questions and thoughts that are raised in Fragments by Crispin Demers. Featuring "Happy Birthday Mary" and "The Most Beautiful Fish". Enjoy.

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