"Holidays in Rome" (Travel Guide) by Leonid Rokhline

"Holidays in Rome" (Travel Guide) by Leonid Rokhline
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Publisher: Fultus
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Date Available: 10/19/2005
Pages: 84 (color paperback)
Book Dimensions:  8.5"x11"
Language: Russian

This book is a Travel Guide for Russian-speaking tourist in Rome. Take it with you when you are in the Eternal City and it will help and entertain you through your unforgettable Roman vacations.

The Book offers seven days or seven routes in the City. Each one of them is accompanied by a story or historical facts connected with landmarks or sights you are going to see on your way. You learn while you walk or ride about traditions and habits of ancient Romans as well as bus and underground routes of the modern city.

The provided maps and illustrations are very handy while walking or riding through the huge megapolis of Rome.

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  1. "Holidays in Rome" (Travel Guide) by Leonid Rokhline
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