"Art of Fragrance Creation" (Russian Edition) by Leana Golan

"Art of Fragrance Creation" (Russian Edition) by Leana Golan
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Publisher: Fultus
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Date Available: 01/30/2006
Pages: 116 (paperback)
Book Dimensions:  8.25"x11"
Language: Russian

Our eyes can see everything, but it is our nose which sucks in the aroma, savors it, attracts or repulses us to the person bearing it. The familiar scent gets ingrained in our senses sometimes permanently.

The art of perfume is unique; it affects our head, our heart, and sometimes even our character.

Although perfumes are designed in many phases, a common thread should run through the entire process. Well-blended perfumes should contain the sense of smell, be light, easily absorbed and lasting.

The choice of perfume should express your personality, your inner beauty and I hope that this book will help you develop your own style; make you feel attractive and self-confident.

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