"Hallie Bell Walks to Texas" by Sara B. Ramsey

"Hallie Bell Walks to Texas" by Sara B. Ramsey
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Publisher: Fultus
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Date Available: 07/17/2008
Pages: 244 (paperback)
Book Dimensions:  5"x8"
Language: English

Twelve year old Hallie Bell's story opens the day before her family leaves home to journey across the country in a covered wagon. The Bells join two other families and begin the long trek to Texas. Hallie is sad to leave her old home but soon discovers she loves the adventure of the open road. Though Hallie is the central character, the story is also about her family and friends. Excitement, humor, sadness and near tragedy keep the journey lively to the end of the trail.

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  1. "Hallie Bell Walks to Texas" by Sara B. Ramsey
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