"Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Guide" by Ubuntu Documentation Project

"Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Guide" by Ubuntu Documentation Project
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Date Available: 08/05/2009
  Pages:   140 (paperback)
Book Size:  7.5"x9.25"
Language: English

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1. Installation Guide
2. Desktop Guide
3. Server Guide
4. Packaging Guide

The Official Ubuntu Desktop Guide contains information on how to using Ubuntu in a desktop environment.

The Ubuntu Desktop Guide contains next parts:

  • New to Ubuntu 9.04?
  • Adding, Removing and Updating Applications
  • Files, Folders and Documents
  • Customizing Your Computer
  • Internet and Networks
  • Music, Video and Photos
  • Keeping Your Computer Safe
  • Printing, Faxing and Scanning
  • Advanced Topics

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