"Endurance and Triumph with In-vitro Fertilisation - IVF" by Eleanore Weeks

"Endurance and Triumph with In-vitro Fertilisation - IVF" by Eleanore Weeks
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Date Available: 10/16/2010
  Pages:   72 (paperback)
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Language: English

Let's get pregnant. Endurance and Triumph with In-vitro Fertilisation - IVF is a book about the emotional highs and lows a couple faces when they choose IVF as a way to conceive a baby. Specifically, this is my story that tells of the heartache of not being able to conceive month after month, the humour of fumbling with wacky ovulation charts and herbal remedies and the utter desolation of trying to find the ever-elusive 'positive' sign on the pregnancy test when none exists.

When my husband and I finally realised we were getting nowhere, we decided to get help. To this end, we had to undergo many medical procedures that were both physically and emotionally exhausting.

As a reader, you will take this trip with me through the complete invasion that is IVF. You will experience my transformation, where embarrassing moments go 'out the window' and levity prevails as I begin to see the humour of certain procedures. And you will ride the rollercoaster ride with me with all its ups and downs, heart palpitating twists and turns, and nail biting crescendos as we finally hear those three fantastic words. "You are pregnant." Travel with me down this meandering path of pregnancy, complications, and unexpected outcomes. I promise, you will laugh, and maybe even shed a tear or two. Perhaps, this book will also make a frightening process seem a little easier to handle, after all.

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