"Fedora 15 Deployment Guide" by Fedora Documentation Project

"Fedora 15 Deployment Guide" by Fedora Documentation Project
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Date Available: 08/11/2011
  Pages:   554 (paperback)
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Language: English

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The official "Fedora 15 Deployment Guide" contains information on how to customize the Fedora 15 system to fit your needs. If you are looking for a comprehensive, task-oriented guide for configuring and customizing your system, this is the manual for you.

The "Fedora 15 Deployment Guide" discusses many intermediate topics such as the following:
- Installing and managing packages using the graphical PackageKit and command line Yum package managers
- Setting up a network—from establishing an Ethernet connection using NetworkManager to configuring channel bonding interfaces to increase server bandwidth
- Configuring DHCP, BIND, Apache HTTP Server, Postfix, Sendmail and other enterprise-class servers and software
- Gathering information about your system, including obtaining user-space crash data with the Automatic Bug Reporting Tool, and kernel-space crash data with kdump
- Easily working with kernel modules and upgrading the kernel

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