"Para-Psychological Guide to Accident-Free-Travel ..." by James Jijide and Victoria Mapxashike

"Para-Psychological Guide to Accident-Free-Travel ..." by James Jijide and Victoria Mapxashike
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"Para-psychological Guide to Accident-Free-Travel for Frequent Traveler Namesakes" (Vol.1) is a Para-psychological Accident –Free- Travel Alert for the benefit of all Namesakes. The High Travel Alert specifies the days, weeks and months of the year and the modes of transport which Namesakes must avoid in their travel schedules in order to avert accidents.

The guide contains more than 630 names, classified into about 315 males namesakes and 315 female namesakes all arranged in an alphabetical order. For his or her own safety, each namesake is advised against using a specified means of transport on a designated day, week and month of the year.

The aim of this Guide is to complement the numerous safe travel efforts and programs launched by various private and public travel safety agencies all over the world for the benefit of the traveling public.

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